PRIVACY: Other than to provide the information to sponsors needed to get your tickets to you and various aggregate metrics, your personal information will not be given, sold, or otherwise disclosed or provided to anyone for any purpose other than getting your tickets to you.

Your credit card information is never stored and is forgotten by the online system as soon as your transaction clears, usually within seconds of clicking the 'Finalize Purchase' button. In some cases, Sponsors will be using their own credit card processing procedures and your credit card information will be given to them so they may process your order in-house. Once they retrieve your transaction over a secure interface, your information will be removed from our system automatically.

The downside of not keeping your credit card information for future purchases means you will have to enter it each time you make a purchase; the upside-the greatest protection possible from identity thieves and other miscreants, troublemakers, scoundrels, malefactors, reprobates, villains, lowlifes and criminal wrongdoers.


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